Task_The Force not with Darth Vader in Ukraine as Star Wars villain is barred from presidential race


To bar from - удерживать от, препятствовать
Candidacy - кандидатура
To verify – удостоверять
villain - злодей
decent- порядочный
to corrode - разлагаться, развращаться
poll - опрос мнения
to pay the way for a more conventional character – выполнять свои обязанности обычного персонажа/p>


1) Why were Darth Vader and his colleagues protesting outside the country’s election commission?
2) Why wasn’t Darth Vader allowed to stand in May’s election?
3) What important thing did Star Wars villain promise to the people of Ukraine?
4) What way is he going to return Crimea?
5) What party does Vader represent?
6) Why did the Internet party ofUkraine decide to submit Darth Vader for president?
7) What was the opinion of the leader of the Internet party about the rejection of Vader candidacy?