Task_Russia is Abandoning the Dollar


Dedollarization – дедолларизация (амер. английский, уход от зависимости национальной экономики страны от американского доллара)
Stunning – ошеломляющий
Pivot - основа; успешный стартап, который немного изменил род деятельности
settlements in roubles – расчёты в рублях
staggering – колебание, необыкновенный (амер.)
unprecedented pace – невиданный темп
to yank the moolah out of a bank– выдернуть бабки из банка
plunge - упасть


1) What move are the Russians making now?
2) What has Gazprom do recently?
3) Why is it possible for Gazprom to make this switch?
4) How many percent of natural gas reserves of the entire planet does Gazprom hold?
5) Has Gazprom signed yet any agreements with other countries to make payments in their or Russian currency?
6) How many consumers have agreed to switch to euros?
7) Are other large Russian corporations moving to other currencies?
8) Why did corporations decide to make this step?
9) When did Russia started working on this switch?
10) How do Russian citizens react in this tricky situation?