Проделайте с этими предложениями упражнения по данному вам заданию.

1. to be in the first year.
2. to do last weekend.
3. to find at least.
4. to ask different sentences.
5. to ask until somebody says ''no''.
6. to ask the follow-up question.
7. to continue with the other question.
8. to go to work early during the week.
9. to spend a long time on Facebook.
10. to have a big breakfast every day
11. to go somewhere nice on Saturday
12. to see a good film last Monday
13. to add these letteres to the line circle
14. to answer with a partner
15. to get in touch with a friend
16. to get in touch by phone, by email, on Facebook
17. to watch DVDs
18. to have friends from the USA
19. to inteview your partner partner
20. to complete the form

1. a man describing his girlfriend
2. to look like
3. to tell about her appearance
4. what colour hair does she have?
5. to be like
6. what is she like?
7. is she shy?
8. to choose better
9. to look for a partner
10. to ask the best friend to help
11. to go on a date with each man
12. to feel like staying at home
13. to be quiet friendly and sociable
14. to get on well with most people
15. to have a good sense of humor
16. to can make me lough
17. a man with a really nice smile
18. he si taller than me
19. men with beards
20. to be into literature and article
21. to be sure
22.both my friends
23.to know me very well
24.to be phisically compatible
25. to know for long
26.to change with it
27.to make questions and negatives with
28.to learn more about this
29 to remember the kind of man
30.to use to describe his appearance
31.to decide in the end

1. to match the words and people
2. to go out at night
3. to want to relax at the weekend
4. to describe the man in pairs
5. to be in the painting
6. to wear a big hat at wedding
7. to sit on the man's knee
8. to sit at the back of the class
9. to look at the picture on page 4
10. to look at the painting of Gioconda
11. to focus on the thing in the painting
12. to be mentioned
13. to make clothes for famous people
14. to be pregnant
15. to put feet into the carpet
16. the position of the man is unusual
17. to be a symbol of the love
18. to be a symbol of infidelity
19. to get divorced
20.to be in the middle of the room
21. in front of the window
22. to beunder the chair
23. on the left of the chair
24.to have pictures and posters on the wall
25.to work in small groups
26.to describe a picture for you
27.to draw
28.to be much older than me
29 to be extravert and funny
30.to tell me a lot of good stories
31.to be interested in the same things as me
32.to be tall and dark
33. to have some chemistry between us
34. to look warm and friendly
35.heis more attractive than Alex
36. to be quiet tall with short blond hair
37. to have lovely blue eyes
38. to be a bit shy at first
39. we both like books
40. to ask for my phone number
41. to walk out of the restaurant
42. it is impossible for me to go out with him
43. to take out a packet of cigarettes
44.. to have a boyfriend who is a smoker
45. I am going to choose for my next day
46. to choose the man myself
47. the painting by the British artist
48. a portrait of two of his friends
49. to be a fashon designer
50. to dress a lot of famous popstars
51.a few months after they got married
52. typical clothes of the late 1980 s
53.to be close together
54.to be separated by a window
55.it makes me look heavy
56. to be murdered by a criminal
57. to number the pictures in the order
58.to mention the pictures
59. to do together
60. to think of Mary
61. to have one negative quality
62. to cover the text