Проделайте с этими предложениями упражнения по данному вам заданию.

1. I buy apples at the supermarket.
2. I arrive in Sochi at about half past 6.
3. I ask a lot of questions about their journeys.
4. I check spelling in all my letters.
5. I cook dinner for my family with my son.
6. I finish to work at 9.
7. I help my parents in garden at the weekend.
8. I like to eat out with my friends on my holiday.
9. I listen to classical music at the concert hall.
10. I live in Moscow near the river.
11. I look at the clock and stop to work.
12. I play tennis with my friends.
13. I practice English every day.
14. I receive a letter from my brother who lives in Brazil.
15. I stay at work because my boss is still working.
16. I turn on the computer and listen to the news.
17. I use this mobile because I like this model.
18. I visit my friends because they live near the big river where we swim.

1. I walk along the road and turn on the left.
2. I want to buy this coat but I have no money.
3. I watch TV and after that I turn off the TV set and go to bed.
4. I work with my colleagues in the office for a German company.
5. I buy this dress because it is not expensive.
6. I choose these shoes because they are very comfortable.
7. I come home very late on Monday.
8. I do all work so I'm very tired.
9. I drink a lot of milk because I like it too much.
10. I drive to my work by car because my company is very far from my house.
11. I eat a lot of chocolate because I love chocolate a lot.
12. I feel cold and I want to sleep.
13. I find this article and start to read it with a big interest.
14. I fly with British Airways because it has a good service.
15. I get a lot of money and I buy a lot of presents fpr my family and friends.

1. I go to the cinema with my family and we watch a good movie with good actors.
2. I have a lot of flowers in my flat because I love flowers a lot.
3. I hear this story a lot of times because my boss has a bad memory.
4. I know what you want to say.
5. I leave my home at 7 o'clock in the morning.
6. I make a good dinner and eat it at 8 o'clock.
7. I meet my boss and ask him a question.
8. I put my bag on the chair and start to work.
9. I read this book because I love works of Dostoevsky.
10. I ride my bike in the evening after work.
11. I say "hello" to my colleagues and visit to my boss.
12. I see a lot of cars in the street because the street is very big.
13. I sell my car because it is very old.
14. I send a letter to the clients because they want to aarive in Moscow.
15. I sing my favourite song and my friends like it.
16. I sleep after work because I feel a terrible pain.
17. I speak English because English is the official language in our company.
18. I buy these shoes and pay $40.50.
19, I swim in the swimming pool that is near my flat.
20. I take a bus and go to work.
21. I go by underground because my son drives my car.

1. I teach my son all the time and he understands my teachings.
2. I think about my family all the time.
3. I invite all my parents to spend a holiday with us.
4. I wear my blue jeans because I love them.
5. I read this article in the newspaper.
6. I write a lot of books about these countries.
7. I wear her new shoes at her mother's party.
8. I understand this difficult article and translates it well.
9. I think how to tell all this to his boss.
10. I take his family in the car with him.

1. I spend all my money on these books.
2. I speak English fluently.
3. I sleep all night but doesn't feel well.
4. I sing this song because I practise my pronunciation.
5. I write a letter to my parents and send it.
6. I see this picture for the first time.
7. I say good words to this girl.
8. I ride a bike on Sunday evening.
9. I read this book on my holiday.
10. I put a bottle of water on the table and drink it.
11. I meet my friend in the art gallery.
12. I make this report for the next meeting.
13. I leave town at 8 o'clock in the evening.
14. I learn the latest news on the internet.
15. I know this girl very well, she's our manager.

1. I give my address to this journalist.
2. I get home early on Monday.
3. I give a lot flowers to my grandmother.
4. I find lots of friends during my journey.
5. I eat a lot of fruit everyday.
6. I fly to this city next week.
7. I drive my car every day.
8. I come early to work every morning.
9. I arrive in Moscow with secretary.
10. I ask a teacher and I understand the problem.
11. I check all the dictations.
12. I cook dinner for my daddy.
13. I finish to read the story for children.
14. I hate talking about the president of our company.
15. I help the children with their homework avery day.

1. I remember this meeting.
2. I think only of these three things.
3. I go into this room.
4. I go to the local pub.
5. I tell you about what happened in the house.
6. I tell you what happened to the house later.
7. I interview a new manager.
8. I ask for more information.
9. I give more information.
10.I stay in an amazing hotel.
11. I put my clothes in a big cupboard.
12. I chose one restorant from three different.
13. I go to sleep at the end of the fil.

1. In this museum he feels the same as me.
2. I look out of the window and see my old friend.
3. I see hundreds of soldiers marching
4. I know this evil man called Jack.
5. I sit on the floor in one of the upstairs roos.
6. I hear voices and banging noises.
7. I report lots of strange activity.
8. I go. outside at night with hotel's current owener.
9. The ghost suddenly changed into the shape of a ball.
10.I arrive late in the evening.
11.I have a drink in the bar.
12.I was in room 11 it was on the top floor.
13.I go to sleep before the end of the film.
14. I believe in ghosts.
15. I show hih to his room.
16. I feel a little bit nervous.
17. I come downstairs after lunch.
18. I turn on the light in the morning.
19. I start to relax little by little in the evening.
20. My room has a view of my backgarden.
21. I have quite an early night on Monday.
22. I read the text once and find out.
23. I hear strange noises.
24. I see lights go on and off.
25. I find words related to hotels.
26. Hotels that people say are haunted.
27. I am married to an old man.
28. I live in the north of England.
29. I hear a noise that goes from behind the fireplace.
30. I use the tunnel to hide from the soldier.
31, I know a man standing next to our office.
32. A lot of books fall off a shelf when i take them.
33. When I turn round nobody is there.
34. I notice a woman sitting on my bed.
35. When I came back the room is always empty.
36. I make friendship with four other guests.
37. I talk to one of the guests usually in the morning.
38. I go to the room wich is on the 1 floor.
39. I take a remote control and switch on my TV.
40.I see a horror film on TV at weekend.

1. I welcome them to our today's edition.
2. I hear a big round of applause for today's contestants.
3. I am the cook too.
4. I have a starter,a main course a dessert.
5. I have two more minutes.
6. I fill chicken breasts with cream cheese.
7. I fry pancakes and eat them with chocolate sauce.
8. I propose to you to taste our dishes.
9. I think soup needs alittle cream.
10.I feel that onion taste is too strong.
11.I say that asta needs more pepper mousse.
12.I want to add..well congratulations to you both.
13.I cut carrot apart from basic ingredients.
14. I get takeaway vegetarian suushi and a piece of toast.
15. I can't imagine living any other way because i am a bit unusual.
16. I pick up my children from school.
17. I prefer a bowl of pasta with cheese on top.
18. I smell a grilled chicken breast.
19. I drink an enormous cup of espressso coffee.
20. I think that's all what i need.
21. I can eat three meals a day.
22. I cook grilled fish with rice.
23. I prefer an ice-creem for dessert.
24. I have much salt with my meal.
25. I put alittle sugar in my tea.
26. We live at different times in history.
27. I These cars are so expensive and they are difficult to get.
28. He introduces it it to the USA.
29. I see him on his second voyage.
30. I take one gram per kilogram.
31, I We make fuel from sugar insted of petrol.
32. It contains vitamins and helps food to last longer.
33. Chili pepper is very good on our diet and we take about one teaspoon a day.
34. I always add salt to my food.
35. I like fizzy drinks and a packet of biscuits.
36. I think that he is more intelligent than my brother.
37. They do some research into the brains.
38. It covers an area of about 20 square km.
39. It gets a surprise for me that they are ok in this traffic accident.
40. A lot of people go by metro but only a few go by car.

1. We have different opinions about it.
2 It is a big argument about it.
3. I use different type of oil.
4. It contains a lot of animal fat.
5. I think about the approximate population.
6. It is very far from London to Moscow.
7. I can phone a friend later.
8. I hope the rules are the same as always.
9. I get money for each correct answer.
10.I know I double my money.
11.I lose all the money if i get an answer wrong.
12.I know the average temperature.
13.I feel the temperature is mines 20 degrees.
14. I think tomatoes don't have any sugar at all..
15. I read that female mosquitoes are the ones that bite.
16. I know hepatitis B is much more serious.
17. I am afraid that you can die from it.
18. I am upset that you go home with nothing.
19. I see tonight's show comes from Dublin.
20. I know that the first question is for 5 thousand euros.
21. I hear that average temperature is zero.
22. I understand that it's mines 26 degrees.
23. I know that carrots are about five per cent of sugar.
24. I say digits separately.
25. I read the number of people injured in traffic accidents.
26. We get a suprise.
27. I am obsessd with trivia.
28. He is a cook in his family.
29. I am on a diet.
30. I take this as the best starter.
31, I We make 3 types of coffee.
32. It is served with garlic.
34. I pay the same as my brother..
35. I pay the same as for one cup.
36. I cook three dishes , a starter and a dessert and a main course.
37. They make discount on children portions.
38. It is suitable for our family.
39. It is apart from basic ingredients.
40. What I really like is cooking.

1. I thank you for showing me around Moscow.
2 I hang on a second.
3. I take them out for dinner.
4. I go back to Moscow.
5. I have a reservation.
6. I like the mozzarella salad.
7. I normally celebrate this holiday in Moscow.
8. I have a lot of work to do.
9. I write my article about this event.
10.I interview this artist.
11.It is on my laptop.
12.I can't talk right now.
13.I pass my driving test.
14. I speak a common native language of this country.
15. I see mountains from the top of the church.
16. I open the shop every day at 8 o'clock.
17. I know that the tallest part of the church is steeple.
18. It's 150 metres high and contains 700 steps.
19. I see the Alpes on a clear day.
20. I go to a church outside the city walls.
21. I know inhabitants of this city as well.
22. I agree to pay for my mistake
23. I complete my report on the 3 of May.
24. I stop this discussion for political reasons.
25. I know that admission to the churche is free.
26. I leave by train.
27. I stay with my best firend.
28. I go on holiday .
29. I visit the museum.
30. I see the sights.
31, I travel round Europe for a week.
32. I spend all day on the beach.
33. I dance all night.
34. I meet lots of new people.
35. I get tired after this work.
36. I go on the back of a bicycle.
37. I turn off the tap.
38. I get off at the wrong station.
39. I take him with me to a shopping centre.
40. I fly home to Moscow.

1. I arrive at home in the evening.
2 I am a tall man with a black beard .
3. I am with a big black moustache.
4. I am with long blond hair.
5. I am with short brown hair.
6. I am with black eyes and not with blue ones.
7. I like eating in the living room or in the kitchen.
8. I see who came in.
9. I hear the noise downstairs.
10.I am in bed between midnight and six o'clock.
11.I kill this robber.
12.I call the police.
13.I look at them one by one.
14. I speak to him at midday.
15. I want to talk to my sister first.
16. I come in in to the library in the afternoon.
17. I come with him or with my sister.
18. I follow my menager into the office.
19. I sit down in the armchair on the floor.
20. I am very tired after work.
21. I fall asleep at 10 or about quarter to 10.
22. I close the door when he arrive at home.
23. I hear something when you are in the room.
24. I open Nick's bedroom door.
25. I park my car outside.
26. I arrive at the office and all lights are off.
27. I look through the window.
28. I see a person inside the office.
29. I run away.
30. I just walk slowly to my car.
31, I drive away cose the office is closed.
32. I find my sock in bed or uder the bed.
33. I want to speak to them.
34. I take him to the police station.
35. I see my favorite film.
36. I go to the cinema with my friend.
37. I go home after the cinema.
38. I get a taxi or bus.
39. I find the money in my bag.
40. I meet my firends outside the restaurant.

1. I am a careful driver.
2 I am a very hard worker .
3. I am good at futball.
4. I eat healthy food.
5. I dress casually.
6. I cook really well.
7. I like Tom's pizza it is incredible.
8. I have really stressful job.
9. I travel around the world.
10.I see here everybody treats tourists well.
11.I come to Moscow for the first time.
12.I run a small media company.
13.I don't know much about you at all.
14. I expect the weather to be similar to Russia.
15. I walk around looking at people.
16. I see the city has wonderful atmosphere and lots of energy.
17. I am very hospitable.
18. I don't finish my report early the next morning.
19. I love when the city is so quiet and empty at the weekend.
20. I know there are lots of shops there.
21. It gets dark at 5 .
22. I promise to do it later.
23. I drive a sport car.
24. I like this such a unique place.
25. I go camping with my friends.
26. I stay here for three weeks or so.
27. I see a lot of films about this war .
28. I go on a road trip across Europe.
29. I see all the famous tourists site.
30. I have a dream that comes ture for me.
31, I drive classic sports car.
32. I sit next to him.
33. I search for the information.
34. I send and recieve emails.
35. I use it for entertaiment.
36. I have got an online banking service.
37. I have a problem with security.
38. I have got a computer virus.
39. I break my computer.
40. I don't steal your identity.

1. I forget to include.
2 I find out the adress. .
3. I read about the events in the order they happened.
4. I need an agency to develop new technology.
5. They send a satellite into space.
6. It is aviablable to all computer uses.
7. It changed its name to the...
8. It goes back to the Space race of the 1950 s.
9. I find a way of connecting.
10.I share their research.
11.It contains a new computer language.
12.It is a more advanced version of the programe.
13.It is available over the Internet.
14. It is a third of the world's population.
16. It's three metres wide.
17. It's during the rainy season,from December to March.
18. I just have to go there.
19. I am scared of falling.
20. I have no experience of biking.
21. I see today's travel programme .
22. It calls the couch surfing a new way of travelling.
23. I stay in somebody's flat.
24. The host gives you a room and bed.
25. I never pay eny money.
26. I can just be guest or just be a host.
27. I have to pay for the bed .
28. I can help with the housework.
29. I can agree the day you want to stay.
30. It's up to you.
31, I can eemail the person before I go.
32. I ask any question I like.
33. I take my guests to see some of the sights.
34. I am going to leave next week.
35. I travel round Europe.
36. I just stay one night in each place.
37. I am going to stay with my sister.
38. I am going to go by train.
39. I know things that aren't in a guide book.
40. I have a problem with my friend.