The Complex Object/Сложное дополнение

The Complex Object consists of:
NOUN/PRONOUN in the objective case



A verb before the Complex Object can be either in the Present Simple or in the Past Simple.

The Director considers Mike to be a responsible person.
Директор считает Майка ответственным человеком.

My parents wanted me to become a doctor.
Мои родители хотели, чтобы я стал врачом.

The chief made the sales manager review the report.
Начальник заставил директора по продажам пересмотреть отчёт.

Verbs that are used with the complex object:

Verbs with "to"

Verbs of Perception without "to"

Verbs of Compulsion without "to"

choose claim
consider declare desire disallow expect
like maintain prove permit report require show suppose think
would like
Listen Notice Observe See


Pay attention that

taste, smell, touch are used with “to”!

Verbs of Perception after The Complex Object can be used with a verb in the Past Simple which precedes the Complex Object.
In this case the action in the Infinitive finishes before the action in the verb that is presented with the Past Simple.

I saw him leave the shop.
Я увидел, как он покинул магазин.

We heard Jane sing at yesterday's party.
Мы слышали, как Джейн спела на вчерашней вечеринке.

The Complex Object and the Passive Voice

The Complex Object can be used with a verb after it in the Passive Voice.
In this case all verbs are used with "to".

The terrorist was noticed to carry a gun with him.
Было замечено, что террорист принёс с собой огнестрельное оружие.

The opposition was made to start negotiations with the president.
Оппозицию заставили начать переговоры с президентом.

Notice that you can't use the verb let in the Passive Voice.

In this case you should use the verb allow.

My mom didn't let me go to the concert last night.
I wasn't allowed to go to the concert last night.

Notice that you can't use let in the Passive Voice. You have to substitute it with allow.

The Complex Object with the Gerund

When you want to show that the action was in the progress you can use the Complex Object with a verb in the form of the Gerund.

I saw him writing a letter to his parents last Thursday.
Я видел, как он писал письмо своим родителям в прошлый четверг.

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